Behind the name.

I dreamed of a lot of things and imagined them happening mostly everyday when I was a kid. Juan Leonida. That would be the perfect name for my restaurant someday... or my flower shop, or my book shop, or my bakery, etc. and from there I'd meet the love of my life! Sounds like a movie from yesteryears for me. Haha!

Juan - my maternal grandfather
Leonida - my paternal grandmother

You would think, "that's a pretty weird idea to put together your grandparent's names!". It might even be weirder as my lola's maiden name was Leonida Juan. Well just a short story... I never got the chance to meet my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather as they passed away way before I was born. Got the chance to be with lolo and lola for only a short time too. Lola passed away when I was 3, and lolo when I was 7. Can't even really remember lola even if I look at the photographs we had together.  

image from CLKER 

Been reading a lot of blogs and articles lately and it really got me inspired to make have my own too! I'd be blogging about life, my travels, music, food, a little bit about history and culture and some other things too. 

Cape Bojeador, Ilocos Norte
Ferdinand Marcos Museum, Ilocos Norte

What will I name my blog? I thought. Why not make use of JuanLeonida and let it be about What Makes Life Worth Living? Well... worth living for me that is.  I may never have that restaurant anyway. haha! I'm pretty sure that they have lived a good life and I hope that I will too. 


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