With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility

always enjoyed going on long drives even as a kid. Back then, we would have regular trips to the province and I wouldn't sleep on that 11-12hr drive from Davao to Cagayan de Oro (thats not even the overall trip) because I'd look at the views I don't normally see and how I love it when I catch a glimpse of the sea. I also have this weird thing of trying to remember the way (but I probably didn't) just in case we'd stop because of some emergency or something and we'd forcefully need to walk all the way back. Yes, my imaginations are all well played in my head up until now. Hahah! 

Driving isn't just about driving. Aside from the rules that you have to abide by (hello 30kph speed limit) you have to know how to take care of your car and maintain the respect with other drivers on the road. There are a lot of reckless drivers out there. A lot! Last July I almost had an accident. I was on my way to meet friends nearby my school. I was crossing an intersection and about to reach the other side. A taxi driver was also crossing the road opposite to me. When we were about to close in on each other, a speeding van on the left drove right in the middle of my car and the taxi cab! I was about to hit the damn van if I hadn't stepped on the break that quick. It was sooo close! Both the taxi driver and I stopped for a few seconds and looked at each other in disbelief of what just happened and I just kept shaking my head and saying "seriously!?" šŸ˜”šŸ˜± I looked at the van as he passed on my right thinking that he probably had a good time driving like Dominic Toretto. I was trembling and shaking but I had to drive on. When I arrived, I just asked my friend to park the car instead as I really needed to calm myself as I nearly broke down. I learned that no matter how careful you are, you will be in situations whether you like it or not thanks to drivers like that. Everyone should be careful. You are not only wrecking your life but others as well. And I was thankful that it was just a near miss. For days I kept thinking about what happened, remembering the car model, color and plate number. But the time came a when all I can remember was just a white van. Maybe he just got into an emergency or his wife was at the back seat getting into labor so thats why he was speeding all the way to the hospital. Who knows? Just like other experiences, we just have to shove it off and move on.

So earlier today I had my first car oil change. I know I still have a lot to know about cars and all that and I try to learn as much as I can and try to get my hands dirty if theres a need to. It was so hot today but I just stood there looking at the mechanic doing his job and asking questions. He was patient enough to answer me while other mechanics were suggesting that I should just go wait in the air conditioned office which my dad had suggested as well. But it was first time to see the car being hoisted up and I really wanted to see what he was going to do and the grime under it. It was dirty. So dirty that I was a bit embarrassed. Miss, asa diay ka ga adto oy? Hahahah šŸ™ˆ But this is what you're going to get under there, right? 

I knew that driving was a big responsibility and that it ain't going to be cheap but the experience would definitely be worth it. Just imagining the roads that I'd be on and the miles that I have to take just to be somewhere breathtaking and amazing excites me. Its not all about the destination as well as driving is a lot like life in general. The road is going to be full of dead ends, obstacles and traffic. But if you press on despite of your tired clutch leg you will reach places that's even better than your imaginations. Waaay better. 



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