Soul Kitchen Co / Cold Pressed Juices

YES!!! Finally got into blogging again!  A lot has happened in the last 2 quarters of this year and I just got to take a break from it all.  I am glad though that despite of the busy schedule (and stress) that I had for the past couple of months, I hadn't got sick! YEY!  *pats self at the back*

Still a couple of weeks left before the year ends so we still got time to check off some things on our 2015 Goals ;) I've been failing at trying to eat healthily year after year so it was a treat when I had finally tried a cold pressed juice.

I've heard about Soul Kitchen Co from my best friend but never really got to try what they had to offer until one fateful day 😋 

A close friend of mine whose overseas asked me to get fresh fruits at Soul Kitchen for his sick girlfriend a couple of months ago.  I downloaded Waze but since i have a crappy data connection, it wasn't of good use 😓 So just with their address at hand I hoped that my inner GPS wont fail me... And it did. Hahah! If your coming from Lanang/JP Laurel Ave., turn right to Torres St. The street is between the two gas stations Shell and Caltex. So just go straight until you pass by Davao City Natl High School or Mabini St. Soul Kitchen is located at the right side of the street. You'll see establishments like One Fab Pooch and Cafe Demitasse.

So I tried out one of their cold pressed juices, Cure. I've always thought that these juices would taste bland and that I would never want to try one again. But it didn't even taste one bit like that. In fact it tasted great! 👌🏽 The Cure had a mix of Watermelon, Apple and Flax seed oil (if I'm not mistaken). 

Cold pressed juices has gotten a lot of hype and I can definitely understand why. These juices are made with no preservatives which makes it so good! The juice extraction from the fruit or vegetable is done by using a hydraulic press. The vitamins and minerals from these fruits and veggies are still preserved in the juice instead of killing it in the process. So its not just good, but its also healthy. It helps your body cleanse/detoxify leaving you feeling refreshed and energized! Cold pressed juices are to be taken within 2 days after extraction (as mentioned, it does not have any preservatives).

I will definitely come back and taste the rest of the goodness that Soul Kitchen Co has :)


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