Classio Pizza

Was out and about with a good friend last night.  Its been almost a year since the last time we've hung out that long.  We've talked and planned a lot of things and I cant wait! I'm even excited to write about it if some of it will push through. 

Anyway... we tried out this Pizzeria called Classio, fronting the Caltex gasoline station near the flyover in JP Laurel Ave.  Whats amazing with this little pit stop is they make the pizzas fresh and bake them in a wood-fired oven at a back of a converted multi-cab type of thing.  Sorry if I'm describing this poorly/wrongly though.  

The verdict.  We had the Nacho Pizza and Pepperoni.  Surprisingly, I liked both of them!  I didn't expect that my taste buds would approve of the Jalapeño's on the former, as I have a low tolerance for spicy food, but I guess the amount of chili's was just right for me.  Added a bit of Heinz Ketchup on both of it (I'd add up a dash of cheese as well if I can) :D  

Pizza was good considering the very affordable price, location isn't bad at all if you have your own car (its a bit difficult to ride a jeep there going Sasa or downtown), the music is a tad too loud though (or I'm just getting old?) but overall I'd give it a B+.  Will surely be back and try all of the other flavors.  I'd recommend it to my family, friends and to all of you and those travelers out there who happen to drive by Davao.  
Photo is from John Patrick aka "Daboy" :D

And oh, happy CNY everyone!


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