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So last week I got the chance to serve and give back to the community with the help of the Ninerz Choir (an OMPH choir group in Davao City).  Though it was only for a very short time only as I needed to be somewhere else after a few hours, it gave me a sense of purpose and that kind of feeling that made me want to stay longer.

So just to give you a little background of our group, we are volunteers to serve God through our voices.  We are not professional singers, although some of them are :)  We sing in the 9 o'clock mass every Sunday, thus the name "Ninerz".  We are in various age groups, some already have established jobs and have their own families, some are young adults making their way in the real world (like I am), and some are still in College and High School.

Every Christmas season we try to sing carols to family and friends to raise some money to help others.  We have donated money to those who were affected by the typhoon Yolanda 2 years ago, typhoon Pablo 3 years ago, and had our first outreach in Marilog District 4 years ago.  There are also times when we get to be a part of weddings of our family and friends or of some of the members.

I admit that I'm a pretty lousy member as I've been missing a lot action of lately, but I'm hopeful that I can do better this year.  I've considered this group as another branch of my family and it feels different when I am just sitting in Mass than when I am singing songs of praise with them.

Members posing with some of the kids after giving the bags full of goodies.
Original photo is from kuya Leo.

Kids playing paper dance and longest line.
Original photo is from kuya Leo.

The kids were just so nice to watch.  They still enjoy the simple things in life like playing parlor games which I was so envious of as I still enjoy them too ;) Just standing there helping facilitate some of the games made me feel thankful for days like that.  Simple yet so meaningful.  You know what I mean?

Layout was done by kuya Leo's (the group's president) friend.
Original photos are from ate Grace.

The group was able to give out new slippers, a bag full of goodies, some food and toys, faces with smiles and hearts filled with joy to a hundred kids.

It took a lot of effort and coordination to make this activity a success.  Wasn't really able to help out in the planning and organizing, but I was lucky enough to be there on the day.  Thank you again for the opportunity, Ninerz.  Looking forward for the next outreach activities in the future!

I hope that this post inspired you to give back whatever you can to the community.  


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