Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Its February!  And hearts are all over the world this month ;)

Anyway.  You always want to do something special for that special someone to make them happy, right?  Especially this time of the year.  There are tons of gifts that you can think of and maybe you already ran out of ideas.  So I thought of sharing with you these Vday gift ideas for him / her that could help you out, two of which are DIYs. No need to worry as these are so easy to do and the materials are inexpensive, and you can actually customize each gift any way you want it to be! 

4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

1.) Bamboo Bonsai Plant
I'm not sure if these are sold all over the Philippines but these are available in Malls here in Davao and quite affordable too! You can leave it as it is or you can put a little note around it like "You can plant a dream" -Anne Campbell

What I like about this gift is the idea of having to take care of something, just like a relationship.  You need to take time and effort to water it so it wouldn't wilt and die.

This one is priced at Php 300.00 (around US$7), and was bought at Gaisano Mall of Davao.

2.) Power Bank
Well, in this technological era you can never go wrong with this one!  You can also look for Power Bank's with 2 output ports so that you can use it together when your phones are running low on juice. Sweet!

Price depends on the battery capacity but you can buy these for as low as Php 305.00 if your lucky ;) So check out affordable Power Bank's in Lazada. Though may take some time on the delivery (5-10 days).

You got the couples shirt, the couples shoes, now you have the couples power bank! Promate 5200mAh for Php 1900.00

really digging on these Airborne Tech ones though and I want to get one for myself! 11200mAh with one 2.1A and one 1A output priced at Php 2,650.00 (about US$ 58.88).  This isn't affordable for me but if this was on sale for 50% off I'm definitely buying it :P
Checked a Momax power bank at a shop in SM Lanang Premier, it is 11200 mAh with the same outputs with the Airborne Tech's priced at Php 3750.00 (about US$ 83.33).

And now for the DIYs...
3.) Wall Art / Frame Art
This is my favorite! This takes minimum effort and may cost none at all for some (like I did).

Materials needed:
-a picture frame
-short/long bond paper or colored paper or photo paper

3.1.) Think about his/her favorite Bible verse. Or just look for cheesy or inspirational quotes on the internet!*
3.2.) Measure or try to give a good estimate of how big you want the printed art to be taking in to consideration the size of your frame. 
3.3.) Type it* out as a word document and play with the variety of fonts, colors and sizes.
3.4.) Create a border so it will be easy for you to cut it out (this step can be interchanged with 3.3. or can be left out if the paper your printing on would fit perfectly in to the frame and needs no cutting).
3.5.) This step is optional as you can leave it already as it is, plain and simple. But if you want you can add in little graphics here and there.
3.6.) Adjust the paper size if needed, then just print.
3.7.) Trace and cut out the border if needed
3.8) Place it in the frame! Simple as that!

NOTE: If you're good on your editing skills, then use photo shop or any editing software you have and get extra creative! (Not going in to the details as I easily fail in those type of things :P)

4.) Candy/Chocolate Dynamite
This is just a unique twist to one of the most given item this season.

Materials needed: 

-1 sheet of red construction paper (1/4 red cartolina paper or 1 red art paper)
-black fuzzy wire (black yarn may also work)
-Double sided tape for a clean finish, but you can also use scotch tape or any adhesive of your choice

For the chocolate, most people are using Nestle Rolo's but I don't think they're sold here in PH.  Suggest to use candy like Polo mints or basically anything thats round so to make this DIY easier.  Though you can also use Snickers/Mars especially if its your partner's favorite.  You can use Hershey's Nuggets which they have in 3s currently priced at Php 36.50 or Hershey's Kisses in 175g priced at 194.50.  I got the Delfi Treasures but in 4s which looked similar to Hershey's Nuggets but only priced at Php 20.25.

4.1.) Divide and cut your paper into 3 sections lengthwise, cutting the excess off if too long for the chocolates.

4.2.) Wrap the chocolate in the paper forming it into a circle (which mine turned into an oblong), and secure with an adhesive as you go
4.3.) Repeat until you have 3 individual candy/chocolate circles
4.4.) For the wick, cut a 4-5 inch long fuzzy wire and glue it on one of the back sides of the candy/chocolate circles
4.5.) Group the 3candy/chocolate circles together and tie them up with the fuzzy wire.
4.6.) OPTIONAL STEP. In a small paper you can write phrases like "you're the bomb", "baby, you're a firework" or "you light up like a dynamite" and glue it on near the knot on the fuzzy wire.

For this one, I spent only Php 68.00 for the chocolates.  Didn't need to buy paper as a used up red cartolina was available at home.  Instead of also buying fuzzy wire or yarn, I just cut up a one inch paper which I covered with black color and cut up some strips and twisted it for the wick part of the dynamite. 

I hope you got some inspiration from these 4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas. I know Valentines Day is just around the corner and you may not have the time to look/make one of these but I'm pretty sure that no matter what you give your partner they will appreciate it nonetheless.  Theres really no need to buy anything material, these are just ideas to help you out.  What's important is you spend quality time with the one you love.

"I'll get it if you need it. I'll search if you can't see it. You're thirsty, I'll be rain. You get hurt, I'll take your pain." - Gavin DeGraw


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