Missing Out

Sometimes we bury ourselves with too much work and other stuff that we barely have time for family and friends.  Others may feel like money is the most important thing in the world so they grind day and night, some even do it 7 days a week, not knowing they are missing out on much greater things.  They are missing out on the first laugh of their child or the fun times at the beach with the barkada/friends or the 50th wedding anniversary of their parents or beauty in life in general or probably missing out on taking care of themselves as well.  

It is a known fact.  We know people like this.  And it is sad that no matter how much money they have, if their body collapses, sometimes even money can't help.  Holding on and hoping that they will survive the worst...  but what if it is already? 😢💔 

No matter what the case may be, there's no easy way in saying goodbye.  A family member, a relative, or a close friend.  So maybe this season we can reflect and spend time with the people you love most.  I mean not just for this season but all throughout the days of our lives!  Spend time with people who helped you grow and especially those who stood with you thru the tough times and learn to ask for forgiveness and forgive those who caused you pain.  We never know when its our time to go.  Whether we are in good shape or not, we do not know what is going to happen a minute later.  Technology provided us a lot of ways to communicate with people that we love all over the world, so send them even a short but sincere message so they know you're thinking of them before its too late.

Life is worth living.  And it is worth sharing with the people we love the most.

My deepest sympathy and prayers to everyone who lost their loved ones.  And prayers to those who are fighting a hard battle as well. xx

Give anything to hear half your breath.  I know you're still living your life after death.
-I'll be missing you, Puff Daddy/Faith Evans-


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