Laughter is the Best Medicine

Have you ever watched The Ellen Show?  If you haven't yet, then you should.  Watching her show just lifts up my mood.  How she scares her guests, staff and audiences, how she lets her friends go undercover and makes them do/say anything she wants, and how generous she is to her audiences and viewers.  I wish I could watch her live someday.  Don't retire just yet.  Okay, Ellen? 😊

During break times at work, my office mates and I enjoy watching her show individually on Youtube and start laughing and sharing if the other has watched whatever it was that made them laugh.  Whether it was an interview, a prank, or just playing games.  Have you watched the episodes with Kevin Hart?  The one where Ellen gave him slippers and the other one where they played jenga?  Hilarious! 😂  He tried to save the pieces when they were about to fall.  Also, watch the episodes with Sofia Vergara (I love her accent plus she's funny!).  I especially like the one where they played Heads Up and the 5 Second Rule where she explained the muscle psoas.

Anyway... weeks before our company Christmas party we started to brainstorm some games.  And Heads came up of course since we watch the show so much.  But due to technical difficulties we ended up downloading Charades instead.  It is quite similar with Heads Up.  So how do you play the game?  When I play this, whether in teams or not, I just go for quick play.  Then you choose what kind of category you would like.  Animal kingdom, movies, anime, sports legends, and a lot more!  You hold your tablet or phone facing away from you so only your team or partner can see whats on the screen.  You can place it on your tummy or chest.  The instructions on the games says place it on your forehead.  As the game starts, they will try to act out or describe the word or phrase on the card and you try to guess it.  If they tell you its correct you tilt your gadget down.  To pass, tilt it up so you can proceed with another card.  Team mates can also tap the right portion of the screen for correct, and left for pass.  The person or the team with the most number of correct guesses in 60 seconds wins.

Click Fergie and Sofia to watch celebrities play Heads Up with Ellen.

I don't know if they also have this function with Heads Up, but Charades has this option wherein you can add your own category and add your own cards or items on it.  This is very helpful as a lot of the cards on some categories are western, so there's a lot which are unknown to us Filipinos/Davaoenos.
This game is so fun I even had this played on our barkada's/friend's mini Christmas party.  I also had this played on one of the boys' house party.  It was extra funny because we were GUI-ing (guessing under the influence of liquor).😂  And I'm pretty sure that I'll have this played on other gatherings as well thanks to Ellen for introducing it.  So go ahead and download Heads Up or Charades and play this with your family and friends on your Christmas gatherings.


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