Hello, Singapore!

Touchdown at Changi Airport! Their airport was soo big it really didn't feel like one as it was filled with shops! Yes you can shop right then and there. You would think that the items sold at the airport would be waaay more expensive compared to the shops outisde, but its just the same. The best thing about shopping at Changi Airport is that its tax-free! Regardless if the amount your spending is less than 100sgd (Im not quite sure though if all the shops are priced the same as the outside ones and if they are all tax-free). Aaand just by going down a few floors you will find... tadaaa!!! The MRT. Its already there to take you wherever you want to go. 

The best way to go around Singapore is by walking. Yes, like literally. Almost all of the malls I went to are connected to each other, so you don't need to ride the mrt or bus that often. Not unless if its so far apart. Like Vivo City then Bugis Junction or Esplanade after Orchard Rd. Its not that far but I'm pretty sure its not within walking distance :D Although I love riding the MRT, second place goes to the bus rides. Their system is nowhere near ours in PH, like you can stop and hop out wherever you want to and you can ride almost all of the buses that goes in the same direction where you want to go. No no no, not in SG. Their buses have different routes and they will only stop at specific ones. So if you want to go to mall "1" and only buses "A" & "B" will stop there, though "C" also passes by the same direction, don't expect that "C" will stop at "1"... cause it wont. Sure hope that that example helped rather confused you even more :P I'm still not familiar with the bus routes but you can find them at bus stops. I think its more prone to getting lost compared to riding the MRT, but I prefer the bus because you can see the view plus I haven't really experienced any traffic jams in SG.

There are a lot of places to see and I have to do some homework myself. My sister made the whole itinerary because I did not have any idea of where to go, I just want to be there. Period :D haven't been to all of these places during our stay in SG, but I'll be sure to visit all of them next time ;)
1.) Sentosa
   1.1) Universal Studios
   1.2) SEA Aquarium
2.) near Marina Bay
   2.1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay
   2.2. Gardens by the Bay
   2.3. Marina Barrage 
   2.4. Suntec City
3.) Singapore National Museum
4.) Singapore Zoo
5.) Chinese Garden & Singapore Botanic Garden
6.) Somerset and Orchard Rd. (mostly for shopping)
There's this place called Chijmes and I'm pretty curious about it. An old church which now houses bars and restaurants? I really don't know. My bro and sis already visited the place a while back and I think I'll probably take a look next time too. 

Shopping. There are a lot of good places to shop there, and if ever you go beyond 100sgd in a single receipt, don't forget to ask for the tax refund receipt so you can process and claim it in the airport before you leave the city. So keep your tax refund receipts especially if you are a heavy spender :)

Its best if you can shop and go dine outside and have a great view or have a tourist spot nearby. Saves so much time. One example is shopping around Esplanade and Suntec City Mall on the afternoon, eat out at Makansutra Glutton's Bay and by night time sit around Marina Bay to watch the light show and fireworks (saw it on a weekend so I'm not sure if they do it on weekdays). Singapore just becomes so much alive at night! Don't ever forget to have your cameras on full charge ;)

How I wish that I got to stay for a lot longer to experience and submerge myself in the Singaporean culture. The place really is a melting pot.

And oh.. a quick thank you to my brother, sister and the travel buddies we met and bonded with during the trip! It was awesome spending another first experience with you guys :)

Cant wait to go back ;)


  1. I hope someday we can go there together with just our backpacks on! Hahahaha