Travel Essentials Packing Checklist

Travel checklist, travel essentials, packing list... Whatever you call it, its important! Its a hassle when you forget things especially the ones that you really need most. Like the time I forgot my jacket on our way to Manila and unexpectedly a few days later we were on our way to Baguio :( Or bringing extra stuff when you really don't need them! Just a waste of extra space in your luggage. 

So when I got more mature, at least to some extent :P, I learned to make a checklist a month before the travel date. I'm not quite sure if this would be the most suitable time to create one, might be too early or to some it might even be late. To give you an idea of why I plan this early/late, I already have some things in mind of what to bring with me even months before... like what to wear for the rest of the trip. So when the date is nearing, I edit it out from time to time according to what is more suitable for me and finalize it a week before I leave. I pack 3 days before the departure date, check the list upon packing and double checking it before locking up the bags (a few hours before heading to the airport/bus terminal)

So here's my travel checklist / travel essentials / packing list  

documents & money
What I've done before was just bring with me my ID's, my ticket, and when I use someone else's credit card to buy the ticket then I would also bring a photocopy of his/her ID with the card that was actually used. No one really asks for them in the airport, but its good to be prepared :)
1.) Passport/Visa - for International flights (my first one will be on July! Yippie~ im super excited!)
2.) Ticket
3.) Confirmation of where you will be staying - Hotel, Transient houses, etc.
4.) Government ID's aside from the passport - SSS ID, Drivers license, PRC license, etc.
5.) Photocopies of the above 4 documents
6.) Cash - take note of the currency if you're going overseas.. as advised by my friends, you should only convert your cash upon arriving in your destination. If this is not the best idea, please let me know by dropping your comments below ;)
7.) ATM / Debit / Credit Cards - if you have this history in going over budget, just leave your credit cards at home. But I think its good for emergency use though ;)

clothing / toiletries / miscellaneous items
When making my clothing list I jot down the specifics. I think this helps in such a way that I don't over pack... or confuse yourself if you have really tons of clothes :P

1.) Outfits for the trip - this is how I do it, but below is just a sample by the way. I don't own a TKEES pair. haha!
DAY1 white cotton on top / favorite blue shorts / comfy tribal-print shoes
DAY2 F21 summer dress / favorite denim jacket borrowed from my sister / tkees sandals
2.) Pajamas and slippers
3.) Undies
4.) Handkerchiefs - my day is a mess without one
5.) A pair of socks - for the sneakers or when it gets cold at where your staying ;)
6.) Towel/towelette - unless someone else will be providing it for you (hotels, etc)
7.) Toiletries
     7.1. soap or body wash
     7.2. shampoo/conditioner or dry shampoo (haven't tried the latter though :P)
     7.3. deodorant
     7.4. lotion / sunscreen
     7.5. toothpaste, toothbrush
     7.6. facial wash
     7.7. napkin / panty liner
8.) Inside my "make up" bag, because its not really a make up bag
     8.1. Johnson and Johnson's baby powder :)
     8.2. Lip balm
     8.3. Comb / scrunchies
     8.4. Hand sanitizer / alcohol
     8.5. Wet wipes
9.) Sunnies
10.) Hat or a bonnet
11.) Phone and or Camera - as for now, its just the camera phone ;)
12.) Charger 
13.) Power bank - a new addition to my list :)
14.) A book to read
15.) Crackers and some candy - for those hungry moments
16.) A plastic bag for your dirty clothes when you get back home

mini first aid kit
Safety should always come... third? hahaha ensuring that you have the weapon for those headache wars.  
1.) Vitamins & Minerals - more energy mas happy! 
2.) Paracetamol - I only trust Dolfenal for the worst aches
3.) Band aids

I hope that I helped you in your packing list. 
Will create a new one if there are some new additions. 

So... what's in your list? :)


  1. Hi classmate. great tips. I usually pack hours before my trips then ended up missing some important things. sundugon nako imo style. 3 days before the scheduled dates. hehe. :)

  2. thanks, classmate :) wala pa nako natry, pero i dont think magwork sa ako ang packing hours before sa trip. hehehe