A Healthy Snack

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So we were randomly strolling at the groceries, I stumbled upon what looks like a healthy snack: Dole's Apple Cinnamon & Dole's Fruit & Custard (Peach). I've always had this liking towards Apple Pies, and I thought this wouldn't be that much different. I really wanted to try one so I bought two boxes (2 packs per box) so I could also share it with my parents ♥ Also purchased 1 box (4 packs per box) of Dole's Fruit & Custard in Peach.

The verdict - Apple Cinnamon. I think that the packaging is great. The oats are separated, so just in case you're not a fan... you can opt not to include it. But why the heck would you buy something like this if you wont eat the granola, right? sheeesh. The covers just peel off easily and the proportion of the oats to the apples are just perfect that it doesn't spill when you try to mix them. Together it was not just healthy but was also a YUMMY snack. I just the love the taste and smell of apples and cinnamon.

forgot to take a picture when I mixed the oats and the apples. 

As far as I can remember, the Apple Cinnamon was the only one available at that time among the three below. Cant wait to also try the other two :)

For the fruit custard... Was not able to take pictures of the packaging and all as I was so excited to eat this snack! But was a bit disappointed as I expected it to be a bit more sweeter. If you're not really a fan of sweets then I think this is just okay. Don't think that I'll be buying this product again anytime soon though. Just saying.

This was drafted about 2 months ago, just so you know. I cant really remember but I was about to add something here that's why it was never published.tsk I really need to take some serious notes ;)


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