Upgrade U Dance Choreography by WilldaBeast Adams

Yes. I know. This song is not a recent one from the Irreplaceable Diva ;)
I was looking for Beyonce songs and I was watching the Upgrade U Official Music Video. After playing it on repeat on the third time, I searched for some dance choreography. These are the times how I wish I was back in College, dancing and had a lot of extra time! :P 

Anyway... so my colleagues already know that I tend to cling on to videos that make me happy or make me laugh. There was one time that I felt like I was sostressed at work, I just played our funny group video and it instantaneously made me laugh. Like nothing happened! And its going to be on repeat for like 5 times ;) And its happening again, this video is making me happy! (Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!)

Cant really remember the number of times I've watched this. Its like I can do the moves in my mind but really cant execute it through my body :P Imagining myself that I'm dancing like them girls in this video, especially the one in maroon sweater. I think she's awesome.

So what do you think of this choreography? Great, huh?

And although its pretty late and this is nowhere near related to this blog post... Belated Happy Father's Day to all you SuperDad's out there. Especially mine ;)


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