Bad Service

Our internet connection has been off / phone connection has been intermittent for a week now.  When we get the chance, we call up a service/technical line to have it fixed but it seems that no one wants to help or nothing an agent says helps.  Please at least try to let us feel that your doing something about it.  We've been receiving the same feedback and no ones seems to tell us the reason why it even happened so we could try to understand.  We've been a loyal customer for almost two decades now, PLDT.  I spent a few hours on a coffee shop which I rarely do and got an internet load on my phone just so I can use it for my work/studies when I'm home.  Having additional costs for something that you're paying monthly on time for isn't a good thing.  I had not imagined myself that I'd be feeling bad for something like this but at this day and age the internet has become a necessity.



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