Not Just for One Day

Its almost the end of love month but it doesn't mean that the loving stops there.  February 14 / Valentines day is just a reminder to all of us that we must continuously show our care and affection to our loved ones.  Come to think of it, if February 14 wasn't known for Valentines day then it would have been a normal day.  Love shouldn't only be shown or given during that specific day.  Make them feel special the whole year 'round and celebrate when deemed necessary.  You'll never know what life may bring, one day you and you're partner will still be together and the next you'll be away for a long time temporarily or even permanently.  Its not about how much you spent on your gift or if you gave none at all.  What's important is the time you spent together.  Priceless moments of such as watching the sunset, admiring the moon, sharing a morning jog, spending a chill day at the beach or just by having that comfortable silence in between those coffee sips - or tea in my case ;) 

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