Where Else Can I Go?

Before anythings else... Is it just me or are you also bummed that the holidays are over? 😞

This'll be a super short one.

Questions.  I have tons!  Have you ever tried asking for something you really like and getting it?  Or tried working and saving for months and buying that big ticket item you've been eyeing for the longest time?  Or praying hard for something and somehow it eventually happened to you?  And when it finally did, you just felt like blah... can't say I'm glad, can't say I'm sad.  Like you weren't really hyped up about it as you thought you would be.  Why?  The feeling of excitement died down because of the time you waited?  So does it mean that it really didn't matter after all that hard work since your feelings changed?  I don't know about you, but I am sure though that I will start this year by being positive about it and hope for the best despite of that mixed-feeling and see where this would go.  I ain't running.. running from myself no more.  I'm ready to face it all. 

Chasing you.

Listening to Runnin' (lose it all) cover by Bailey McConell & Leroy Sanchez and Let it Go cover by Leroy Sanchez as well while writing and thinking about all of this.  Leroy's voice. I cant even. ❤️❤️❤️  Well... I've been listening to his covers lately before this whole commotion came up.  Go and give him some love,  you guys. 😉


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