Scuba Diving in Canibad

What was your summer experience? Heres mine. #firsttime #scuba #summer

The long wait is over! Finally got the chance to go to Canibad and go scuba diving!!! And I must say that the experience is wickedly awesome. My colleague even said that it was as if he was in a screen saver! haha And he's not even exaggerating. Its true! The corals and fishes looked so beautiful you feel like you're Ariel, only with oxygen tanks! Okay, you can also imagine yourself as Dyesebel if you don't know Ariel :P

When the dive master started briefing us as to what we should do underwater (hand signals, etc)... I was feeling a bit more nervous than excited. He mentioned sharks and barracudas, and my heart just went on a nose dive. I was having second thoughts about going underwater. 

They asked who wanted to go on the first batch and I thought "what the hell lets do this!". But then I was thinking if I was doing the right thing. hahaha and so I did. Never did I thought that it would be so much fun! My dive buddy, whom I named Patrick, bullied me underwater :| And this is the reason behind the name... I really don't like touching starfishes as it felt like they were mushy and gooey and I'd imagine it sticking to your hands.haha yeah I'm a bit over and ahead of myself. He gave the hand signal that it was okay to touch the starfish, and I waved my hand and head to tell him I don't want to. The next thing he did was beyond my control. He picked up the starfish and handed it over to me! I grabbed his wrist and waved it hard so he would stop and so he did. The next thing I knew there was water on my nose. So I did what we practiced before we dove down but instead of exhaling through the nose I kept exhaling through my mouth. So we went to the surface to get the water out and to calm myself. haha When we surfaced he said that maybe I panicked because of the starfish and I said I got confused.. thought I was doing it right but I wasn't. My nose felt a bit bad that I stayed on the surface for about a minute, did some bubbles and went down again. And oh the starfish was fine, by the way. He placed it right where he picked it up and before I went berserk with his wrist :)

there she is, mate!!!
Canibad. She's a beaut.
holding out my hand like so coz I was busta rhymin' underwater :P 
and there's Patrick
me, the girls and our dive buddies :) their dive buddies were no bullies by the way.tsk
The pictures and videos (which I am still about to post) are not that clear but I tell you that it really is colorful underwater. The camera was just not able to capture the moment as it is like my brain did. hihihi no go pro's kasi, maybe next time :D

And if you're wondering why I kept holding that thingy majiggy its because it was so big for my mouth that if I wont hold it, it will just let loose like a balloon. 

Really had fun and I was like a kid feeling all excited about a new toy. Really really really want to go and do it again!!! 

How about you? Have you ever tried scuba diving? 


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