While You Can

Christmas is in the air!  Or is it???

Christmas rush. Davao City traffic just got even heavier lately.  My 30 to 45-minute travel to my classes became an hour and a half!  I get to sleep during the commute, and thats not really a bad thing. hahah!

Christmas thoughts.  I don't have any issues living alone:  I can feed myself and my pets; clean the house (just a teeny tiny bit 😉); do the laundry and other chores (I love nature, but I dislike watering the plants 😂); come to class and work in one piece!  But maybe because I'm growing older and since its the Christmas season, the thought of not being with my parents or either one of them for Christmas is the worst!  My mother told me the other night that they might be home AFTER the holidays.  Sarcasm just took over and said "Great! More alone time, just what I need".  It just made me miss the times when I was younger, my siblings and I would gather around the Christmas tree to open up our gifts our parents had for us and me super excited to just look at what sweet treats "Santa" got me.  And speaking of Christmas tree's I have not even finished mine yet.  Oh, gosh.  I think I got a taste of whats called the seasonal depression.  I need me some sunshine!  What more if I get to experience winter? Pffffft.

Parents can be a little difficult at times, but so can we (even more so I think in my case.tsk)  Some of us get into fights with our siblings as well, but we miss it when we/they leave home and make our/their own.  Or is it just me?  Now I ensure to make time and date my parents while I can.  Besides, they're my only family.  And aside from my friends, they're all I got.

Just hanging around with Santa. 

Remember the moment
You know exactly where you're going
Because the next moment, before you know it,
Time is slowing, and its frozen still
And the window sill looks really nice, right?
You think twice about your life
It probably happens at night, right? 

-Holding On To You, TØP |-/


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