Make Today Count

Okay.  No excuses at all for only posting today so Im not even going to try to explain!😅 

Its ber-month already, literally the start of Christmas season here in the Philippines!  No kidding!  I  even started watching Christmas-themed videos last weekend.  I cant believe at how fast the months flew by.  Have you ever felt like everything seems to be playing fast forward?  I definitely have.  It just made me want to take things at a much slower pace to cherish the time spent with family and friends even more.

We are all given an opportunity- to fail, to feel pain, to learn, to love, to grow...  and it becomes overwhelming as there are times that some of these things happen all at once.  Which brings us again to the fact that we have no control of anything, except for how we react and how we look at it.  No matter how bad it looks from another perspective, always know that we are given another chance to take the next best shot and be a better version of ourselves.  

Every day is a new day.  Its cliche but theres a truth to it anyway as there is always something good in it.  Let today be the day you look for new ideas/activities to try; start looking at the different angles of life; and try to be a better you.

Earlier today I finally got me some time to review my journal/planner.  It felt good to just write new plans down and looked back on the stuff I did a few months ago.  In order to move forward and start anew, we should accept and recognize everything we did in the past and just let it go.  Trust the magic of a new day, of a new beginning and taste the sweet delicious ambiguity that life has to offer.  Lets live while were young and make today count.

Watching the sunrise with Debie 👭 | Dahican, Davao Oriental

A few days ago I wrote this birthday message to one of my closest friends ever which made me want to add more and share it with you.  Wherever you are at life today, I hope that you are happy and well.  And if its kind of rough lately, I hope this post helps.  xoxo.

You can barricade these walls and seek surrender
We'll taunt enough to turn a raging sea
But the only way we find to quench these embers is killing me
Let the stages burn and the tears turn into scowls
And if the glory of the past is all I ever see
Still the only way to quench these embers is killing me

-Live While We're Young / Johnnyswim


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