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March is (usually) the end of the school year here in the Philippines which is the start of the summer!  Though there are already some universities adapting the new school year which starts at August / September.  Its a pretty hectic and exciting time for graduating students all over the country.  Busy with all of the final requirements, exams and becoming anxious to get out in the real world.  At this time a few years ago, we were already practicing for our graduation ceremony.  Oh, the memories.

Looking for a job can be daunting and stressful.  So I thought about sharing with you these very simple tips to help you on your job hunt.

1.) Create a professional email address.  
This is especially if you're currently using,, etc.  Imagine having the last one and you're applying in the import/export industry.  You know where I'm going at this.  You're good to go with just your full name.

2.) Prepare your resume and application letter.
Since most of you might not have any previous work experiences, you can include the business plans and strategic plans that you made as a final requirement aside from the on-the-job training that you had (which I didn't).  I commend working students who exert extra hard effort, you will go far - so don't forget to include the jobs that you have had as well.   Include extra curricular activities or the organizations and positions you've held in them during college.  Someone told me back in college that during her interview she found out that the HR associate and head of their department were in the same organization that she was in.  So I think that kind of helped as they found a common ground with the applicant.  Though these activities and orgs may not be as important to others, but it will help the employers know more about you.  

Take notes from your professor as well as there are some who will lend a hand in preparing your resumes.  Also, you should establish good relationships with some professors as you can use them as your reference.  Some companies do not check these references, but you wouldn't know who would and who wouldn't.  So its best that you put people who know that you are a responsible person.

3.) Be proactive.
Send out applications right now even if you're still waiting for the graduation day!  Whats good nowadays is that you can opt to submit your applications online and signup to websites such as JobStreet, jobsDB, indeed, etc.  

Aside from the online and onsite applications, you should join job fairs too!  There are schools and malls here in Davao City that hold 2-3 days of jobs fairs during these times of the year.  So make sure you make use of those opportunities and be in your business attire.

4.) Prepare and practice interviews with friends.
Most interview questions are just the same - tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now, etc.  These questions seem easy but sometimes you just get stuck and can't even describe yourself.tsk  So prepare and practice beforehand. 

I remembered being so nervous at this interview (it was at the company/industry that I really wanted to be in) I was so cold but my hands were sweating and I felt like my tummy was about to give in!  So for the first time in a lot of interviews I've had,  I sold myself.  And eventually after a few weeks, I landed the job!  Its not easy selling yourself especially if you don't have any experiences yet.  So know your strengths and weaknesses, use them to your advantage and be creative with your answers.

There are a lot of sample answers scattered all over the internet for various interview questions.  Try watching this video so you'll have an idea.  

5.) Research about the company your applying.
If you really like a particular company/industry, take the time to learn about what these guys do.  Most companies already have their own website so take advantage of that as some would ask - how did you know about us, why do you want this job or why should we hire you?  Learning about the company prior to the interview lets the employers know that you are interested in them and that you took the time in knowing what is it that they do.

And oh, have you watched the movie Post Grad?  You might want to watch it.

I think thats about it!  Hope that my tips helped even just a tiny bit. 
Just be patient and keep the faith.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2016 and best of luck to all of you!

Grad pictures grabbed from friends and classmates Kah, Nina and Jil :)


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