On Skinny Living

Skinny Living!!! And I'm not talking about diet or exercise ๐Ÿ˜

While working one afternoon I had JacksGap's Shed Sessions - Jeremy Loops playing on the background, got the autoplay function on Youtube, when I heard Skinny Living play for the very first time.  They played The Journey and when they got to the chorus part I just had to take a look at what I was listening to.  The band just felt perfection in my ears.  I couldn't help but listen to their other songs and covers as well!  I never really got into into Maroon 5's Sugar, I usually skip it when the autoplay randomly chooses it ๐Ÿ˜œ but I really like Skinny Living's cover!  

Skinny Living is a 4 man British band - Ryan Johnston on vocals, Rhys Anderton on percussion, Will Booth and Danny Hepworth on guitar and vocals.  People need to hear more from this band because they make good covers and their originals are great (lyrics and melody)!  Listen to their Youtube uploads and visit their website for more info on these guys - http://www.skinnylivinguk.com/  You won't be disappointed.
I am so excited for the future of this band, pretty sure its going to be awesome and bright.  Can't wait for the day to hear them live up front.

I absolutely love The Journey!  That's why I'm including the complete lyrics and video of this song.  The message is so good and I think that we all get in to that point in our lives that we can all relate to this.  Other current favorites are Let Me In and Loving That You're With Me - I'm not 100% sure on the lines below, its just as far as my ears can go.  Aside from Sugar, I also like their cover of Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini as well.  

"The Journey" 
You're born with the world in your hands
And a gift that's individual 
So be careful with your plans

When you're getting closer to seeing your dreams through
Be wise of those new around you

If it was easy there was no need to try
We could get a dream in one day but would that be a life? 
Its all about the journey

Its hard knowing what to do sometimes
Not always so simple 
Trying to read between the lines

What is their intention?
Why are they trying to be so kind?
What is it they offer you?

"Let Me In" 
He left scars 
I'm here to heal for you
And I know where you are
Because I've been there before
Open up your heart and let me in
Break free from these shackles and let me begin

"Loving That You're With Me" 
Late night phone calls, butterflies are tenfolds ❤️
Waking up with the sun, I'll see your face again

I'm soaring on heartfelt emotions higher than the eye can see ❤️
I'm flying you've caused a commotion I'm loving that you're with me 




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