By far, I've had the best adventures/travels the previous year but the other ones really don't compare to the thrills I've had with these 3.  I know its pretty late.. but if you are still looking for a place to visit this summer, then I highly recommend that you visit one of these places as I've had the best times here. 🚗✈️👣

1.) Siem Reap, Cambodia
I knew that I would like Siem Reap, but I never expected to fall in love with the place!  Though it was so hot and it rained hard after our temple run (it was cloudy when we got to Angkor Wat)... its rich history, the people and their culture, the vibe, the inexpensive stuff you could buy there and the food made our stay worth while.  Wishing I could go back soon and I hope things will get even better. 

For your OOTDs, pick your light and airy clothes.  Also choose a comfy pair of sandals or shoes as you'll be walking most of the time.  I mean we opted to actually. hahaha  We go on walks from our accommodation at Seven Candles Guesthouse, Wat Bo Road to Pub Street/night market where we usually have our meals.  Aside from saving money from tuk tuk rides, it also provides us more time to hang out and take in the relaxing vibe of Siem Reap.  

Thanks to airlines who are now providing much cheaper fares than before, you can now enjoy your travels to international destinations!  Quick tip if you don't know this yet... Check and compare flight fares at sky scanner ph. Estimated travel time from Manila to Siem Reap is about 3hours.

2.) Dahilayan Adventure/Forest Park, Bukidnon
Fun outdoor group activities!  I'm telling you, this is the place to be.  

I'm from Davao so the travel going there is pretty tiring.  Google will tell you that it only takes about 4 hours and a half but in reality it takes more than that.  I think that if you start travelling by 3am you can make it 4-5 hrs.  Based on my experience last summer, we left at around 6 in the morning and arrived there at around 1 in the afternoon (I do not have the exact time as I was too groggy that time I just slept all the way there).  First off, you have to consider the traffic especially around Malaybalay and Valencia.  Secondly, there are a lot of road cuts and construction.  Thirdly, you have to mind that these roads are being passed by trailer trucks carrying loads all the way from Cagayan de Oro going to Davao (or vice versa).  So imagine if these trucks line up and their speed is around 10-15kph or lower.  You know what I remember when I'm thinking about that?  The smell of rubber.

My favorite activities there will definitely be the luge and ATV! Woop woop! 

Attraction PopUp

3.) Surigao del Sur (Enchanted River and Brittania group of islands)
The pictures scattered online?  I thought that they were just edited to make it look even better.  But nah.  The water really is so pristine and clear.  Its beautiful and its real just as I had imagined it.

Aside from the fact that I made a collage and added the name of the places, the pictures I have in this post are raw - though a couple of the Siem Reap ones were just to make it a bit clear as it was pretty cloudy at that time.

Travel time from Davao City to Enchanted River is only about 3-4 hours given that you leave around 4 in the morning to avoid traffic and if there are no other unnecessary stopovers.  This is guaranteed.  I thought it would take more than 5 hours to get there, but it didn't.  And it takes only 1 hour and a half to go to Britannia from there.

When I get to visit place like these, I become more thankful for all the wonders in the world especially those that are left untouched.  I also felt this when my girlfriends and I traveled to Zambales and Pangasinan in 2014.  The mountains, the sea, the sun's rays, the waves kissing the shore and the wind in your hair.  It was breathtaking and I was left in awe.  It was beyond perfection.  All of this was made by the greatest architect of all.  So thank you to the big guy up there for all of this perfection!

Well.. while writing all of these, I just might do a detailed one for these destinations as these are just a snapshot on each one to avoid making a super long post.  I hope I'll get into that soon though.

'Til next time and have a blessed Holy Week, everyone! 🙏


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